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Professor Stephen Dunne
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Welcome to the Genix Healthcare Careers Page. Very soon, I also hope to be welcoming you to the Genix Clinical Team. When you join us, you will receive a comprehensive induction to ease you into your new role; you will never be ‘thrown in at the deep end’!

I have over 40 years of experience in provision of dental education and training for all members of the dental team and have nurtured the careers of many hundreds. Thus, education, training and career progression are essential elements of the Genix Healthcare philosophy. We are the leading corporate provider of clinical dental apprenticeships in the UK (please see below) and have established a clinical support network for the dental team which is second to none. We provide in-house education and training, generous leave for external continuing professional development (CPD) and financial assistance to support CPD, up to and including study at MSc degree level. At Genix Healthcare, we value your feedback and have comprehensive systems in place to facilitate this, including a confidential e-comments page which allows you to provide feedback on any matter anonymously. The feedback is monitored daily and appropriate responses and solutions to any problems are entered onto the e-comments page. As you would expect, we offer every team member an annual appraisal which provides an opportunity to bring your accomplishments to the attention of your Clinical Lead and to ensure that any challenges or obstacles you face can be alleviated. The appraisal also provides an opportunity for you to identify any professional training and development opportunities you would like to undertake to further your career.

For those wishing to progress (and all are encouraged), we offer formal career pathways for each member of the clinical team. Progression is, of course, determined by talent but can be extremely rapid; one particularly talented and ambitious Associate Dentist has recently progressed to Practice Clinical Lead then to Regional Clinical Lead and ultimately to Clinical Quality Assurance Director and Genix Board Member in less than one year! Similar Practice, Area and Regional Lead opportunities exist for all members of the clinical team and all are represented at Management level.

I have, for many years, been an active and vocal supporter of the ‘skills escalator’, whereby a school leaver or other non-clinically trained individual could progress to Dental Nurse, then perhaps to Practice Manager, on to Dental Hygienist, then to Dental Therapist and finally to Dentist. Our current work on the development of Higher Apprenticeships in Dental Hygiene and Therapy could greatly facilitate this pathway.

Why Genix Healthcare?

At Genix Healthcare, we put people at the heart of every dental practice – our staff, our patients, and our apprentices. We understand the importance of valuing our professional staff, and are committed to continually investing in our highly-regarded dental teams at all stages of their professional careers.

Genix Healthcare is a rapidly-growing, family-run dental corporate that currently operates 24 clinics across the UK, with clear plans and strategies for continued expansion. Our aim is to make the highest-quality NHS and private dental care accessible and affordable to all, whilst also investing heavily in the continual professional development of every member of staff, providing support, training, and opportunities that enable you to advance your career pathway and strive towards your personal professional goals in a modern, technologically advanced, and fully supportive environment.

When you join a Genix Healthcare dental practice, you will benefit from…

Ongoing training and development

We provide all of our dentists, dental nurses, and other staff with ongoing opportunities for training and career development.

Our commitment to education means that we offer a wide variety of courses delivered by some of the leading professionals in the dental industry. With courses for dentists on such topics as oral surgery and dental implantology, you will have the chance to develop your areas of special interest by accruing verifiable hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including a great deal of hands-on experience in your chosen subject.

Having some of the highest qualified staff in the country benefits our dental teams, our group, our practices and our patients. Whatever your individual goals are for your career, you will be wholeheartedly encouraged to achieve them.

Full professional support

No dental professional is an island; at Genix Healthcare we appreciate the value of teamwork, and ensure we build quality teams at every practice.

As a dentist you will be supported by a professional and highly-trained dental team in your day-to-day work, as well as having easy access to specialists to handle referrals, maximising the benefits you can offer your patients. You will also benefit from a team of highly-trained administrators and a well-structured clinical leadership panel.

The latest technology

All of our practices are modern and progressive, providing some of the very best facilities within the dental industry. Every clinic is fully computerised, and kitted out with the latest state-of-the-art dental technology, including advanced digital radiography systems.

Furthermore, Genix Healthcare has its own dental laboratory, Sparkle Dental Labs, to ensure the continuous supply of quality appliances and products so that your practice and your patients will face no inconvenient delays. All of the work at Sparkle Dental Labs is carried out by highly experienced and skilled professional dental technicians, who use the latest machinery and technology to create durable long-term appliances and restorations.

Security, stability and growth

Genix Healthcare offers the opportunity to grow your professional career within the secure and stable environment of a family-run dental corporate.

We currently run 24 clinics nationwide, and are continuing to grow year on year.

The highest standards of professional dental care for every patient

Part of the Genix Healthcare ethos is to provide access to the very highest standards of professional dental treatment to every patient, regardless of needs or circumstances. You will be able to gain both training and experience to provide a continually improving service to both your NHS and private dental patients.

We understand the importance of the dental practice within a community, so are committed to fully engaging with communities. We fully support career progression with a clear vision of making an active difference to the dental profession – bringing many benefits to patients.

Genix Healthcare is committed to providing highly-trained and fully-qualified dental professionals and to utilising the very latest tried and tested contemporary dental technology to ensure that every patient feels relaxed and confident at every appointment – whatever procedure they may require.

Apprenticeship Programmes

At Genix Healthcare, we appreciate the value of apprentices within the dental industry. We currently operate apprenticeship programmes for Dental Nurses, Practice Managers, Dental Technicians and Dental Technical Assistants.

Apprenticeships offer an excellent introductory insight to candidates who wish to pursue or develop a career within the dental industry. Following an introductory period, you may have the opportunity to work fully supervised in a professional practice environment, so that you can hone the essential skills and techniques required for a successful dental career.

We are also planning apprenticeships for Oral Health Practitioners, Hygienists and Dental Therapists. Further future plans include apprenticeships for both Dental Practitioners and Dental Specialists.